Pouch users made their voices heard in big numbers

Last month Pouch Patrol reported that the European Commission had opened a “Call for Evidence” which would inform the future regulation of nicotine products. The consultation received a record number of almost 25,000 contributions from organisations and experts, but mostly: EU citizens.

A record consumer response

On the 20th of May, the European Commission launched a “Call for Evidence” to evaluate the legislative framework for tobacco control. On average, calls of this length receive around 350 submissions. The one in question, however, received close to 25,000 submissions, making it the most frequently answered EU consultation to this day, according to EU Political Report.

The public is in favor of harm reduction

An overwhelming majority of contributions submitted favour tobacco harm reduction products. Of the nearly 25,000 responses, more than 90% came from the general public. Consumers of reduced-risk products made their voices heard in big numbers, suggesting the extent to which this issue is a priority for the Europeans.

Aside from citizens, participants included organisations such as Haypp Group, the initiator of Pouch Patrol and the world’s largest e-retailer of nicotine products, which identified several opportunities for improvement. In the response, Haypp Group emphasized a need for a regulatory framework on the EU level for nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches have transformed smoking habits in the markets where they are sold and there are significant public health benefits to be gained by adopting a product-specific regulatory framework for the products and that the products are allowed on the EU market.

The people have spoken, and the Commission must pay attention. The massive interest in the issue is a testament to the power of the consumer’s voice and democracy, suggesting we should continue to pressure authorities to recognize the potential of harm reduction.

Thank you for responding to the consultation! Let’s continue to do all we can to keep safer alternatives to smoking accessible.

What’s next?

The Call for Evidence is the first of three consultations that will make up the evaluation. Following the Call for Evidence, the European Commission will hold a public consultation in the fourth quarter of 2022 and anticipates adoption in the second quarter of 2023.

The contributions can be accessed here.

Read Haypp Group’s full submission here.

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