WHO recognises the harm reduction effect of nicotine pouches

Many people already know that nicotine pouches play an important role in getting smokers to quit – something that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is finally acknowledging.

The fact that Sweden will soon be the world’s first smoke-free country is no news, but few have talked openly about how Sweden managed to get there. Until now: The WHO highlights on its website to a study that highlights the country‚Äôs unique position with risk-reducing snus and nicotine portions.

The international study “Global burden of disease due to smokeless tobacco consumption in adults” referred to by the WHO was conducted in 127 countries.

“Many of the measures introduced by different governments to try to reduce smoking deaths appear to be completely arbitrary. This is clearly not sustainable. Politicians need to stop guessing and make decisions based on scientifically based conclusions. Which is now confirmed by the WHO”, says Markus Lindblad, Head of Communications at Haypp Group.

He continues:

“There must be alternatives to smoking and trade must be properly regulated. The WHO agrees. More people should subsequently follow Sweden’s example,” Mr Lindblad concludes.