Norwegian Study Indicates Snus as the Most Effective Aid for Smoking Cessation

A recent study conducted in Norway suggests that tobacco snus is the most potent aid for individuals aiming to quit smoking. The research was led by Ingeborg Lund and Marianne Lund, both affiliated with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The primary objective of the study was to examine various smoking cessation methods and the success rate associated with each of these techniques. According to the findings, snus emerged as the only significant aid that exhibited a higher likelihood of facilitating smokers to quit. Moreover, it was the most frequently used tool for smoking cessation and was singularly linked to successful cessation.

These results resonate with earlier Norwegian research that indicated a correlation between snus usage and successful smoking cessation. They also align with similar studies conducted in Norway and Sweden, where snus usage is prevalent among the population.

In their concluding remarks, the researchers stated, “The effectiveness and high prevalence of snus makes it the cessation aid with the highest efficacy in Norway, i.e., the cessation aid with the highest potential for making a positive contribution to public health.”

Sweden Not the Sole Benchmark for Risk Reduction Globally Anymore

Historically, Sweden has been internationally acclaimed as a role model for harm reduction, primarily due to the extensive use of Swedish snus and nicotine pouches, and the population’s preference for oral nicotine products over smoking. It was even projected earlier this year, which various global media outlets reported, that Sweden could soon become the world’s first “smoke-free” country, with less than five percent of the population being daily smokers.

However, the recent finding from Norway suggests that Sweden is no longer the only reference country for harm reduction. The study from the neighboring country, Norway, shows how effective reduced-risk oral nicotine products could be for smoking cessation.

For those interested in a more detailed understanding of the research, the study titled “Quit Smoking: Methods and Outcomes for Norwegian Adults” is available online.