Sign the appeal to save nicotine pouches

After a number of German courts started taking action against nicotine pouches, an appeal has been initiated on Pouchgenuss. “Für den freien Verkauf von nicotine pouches in Deutschland”, which translates to “For the free sale of nicotine pouches in Germany”, wants to prevent the white, tobacco-free alternative to cigarettes being taken off the German market. Together we can now make a difference!

The background

Tobacco has been consumed orally for centuries. This type of consumption is particularly popular in Sweden, which is claimed to explain the low prevalence of smoking in the country. The most common product in the oral nicotine category is called “snus”, which is a brown tobacco pouch, which is placed under the upper lip. Nicotine pouches are the tobacco-free version and a risk-minimizing alternative to the cigarette.

Harmful consequences for the German public health

The person behind the appeal, Leon Nussbaumer, believes that the consequence of pursuing a policy of banning nicotine pouches is that German consumers are losing the opportunity to legally buy a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. There is thus a risk that many smokers will remain smokers.

The appeal is addressed to the German Parliament’s Petitions Committee and requests that nicotine pouches continue to be available for sale in Germany. This requires a clear regulation that eliminates existing legal ambiguities, allows sales and in practice grants the product a competitive advantage over traditional cigarettes.

Make your voice heard!

We must take every opportunity to make our voice heard in order to safeguard the availability of risk-reducing products. With just one click, we can make a big difference together! Read more about the background and sign the appeal here.