Worldwide smokers can breathe a sigh of relief for now – news from FCTC COP 10

During the past week, World Health Organization’s protocol FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) COP 10 (tenth session on Conference of the parties) was held in Panama. For all the world’s smokers, the outcome was positive. Harm reduced nicotine products will still be available on the market, as no new bans was introduced.

All the world’s smokers can breathe out for now, after the outcome of FCTC COP 10 was positive (FCTC works as the United Nations guidance on how to regulate tobacco and nicotine in the future).

Neither a flavor ban nor a general ban of nicotine pouches was introduced. The smoke from heated tobacco products and vapes will also not be compared to the toxic smoke from cigarettes – a proposal that has been on the agenda for a while.

Another proposal on the agenda was whether an expert group should be appointed to move forward with the above questions to COP 11, which will be held in two years. But it was decided that no such group will be appointed. The expert groups consist of experts selected by the FCTC secretariat to progress in issues considered particularly difficult to move forward. As Pouch Patrol has understood, the Swedish right-wing government, supported by the Sweden Democrats, supported a proposal to appoint an expert group.

Furthermore, this means that the EU Commission must take TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) and TED (Tobacco Excise Directive) through the EU-parliament and the EU council without support from WHO FCTC.

With this outcome, all the world’s smokers can breathe a sigh of relief, as attractive and effective tobacco and nicotine products that offer healthier alternatives to smoking will remain on the market. This represents a crucial step in the right direction if we want to save lives and aim to further reduce the number of smokers worldwide.

Now it’s entirely up to those of us who want to continue enjoying safer nicotine alternatives. Make your voice heard! Contact your elected politicians about how important harm reduced nicotine products are for you. We are strong together!