The Swedish government takes a clear stance on nicotine pouches throughout the EU

On Wednesday, an incredibly strong statement came from the Swedish government in response to the Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Trade in the Swedish Parliament regarding nicotine pouches.

More and more people have begun to celebrate the Swedish success in soon becoming smoke-free. There are several reasons for this success, and much is linked to the use of alternative nicotine products such as nicotine pouches.

The Swedish government has made several crucial decisions on the path to becoming a smoke-free country. Among these are decisions on taxation of nicotine pouches and maintaining normal flavoring in the products to retain attractiveness compared to cigarettes.

Tobias Andersson, Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Trade in the Swedish Parliament, posed the following question to the Swedish government on Wednesday: “Does the minister and the government intend to take any measures to ensure that tobacco-free nicotine pouches continue to have access to the internal market, and how will the minister and the government ensure that the Swedish work on the review of the Tobacco Products Directive protects the conditions for Swedish manufacturers to export to the rest of the EU?”

Now, the Swedish government has responded to the question.

Johan Forssell, Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Traide, states among other things: “The principles of the free market concerning the free movement of products are a core value for the Swedish government. A total ban on the sale of certain goods restricts free movement. The government also looks with concern at how free movement is negatively affected when individual member states introduce total bans.”

Johan Forsell further states: “In this context, the government also wants to emphasize the aspect that cigarettes and smoked tobacco pose a relatively greater health risk compared to snus. This perspective is reflected in the taxation of these products in Sweden, a diversification that the government has further reinforced.”

With this as a foundation, we at Pouch Patrol urge you to contact your local newspapers. Contact the representatives you choose in your election. Reach out to your Members of the European Parliament who are up for election in June, attaching the Swedish government’s position!

The full response can be read here.