Denmark proposes flavour ban – contact your health minister today!

Led by Denmark, several EU health ministers are now trying to push through a position paper to speed up proposals for nicotine regulation, flavour bans and even bans on certain nicotine products. Proposals that lack sufficient evidence and therefore risk having far-reaching consequences for public health.

The ministers are trying to get around the European Commission and the new proposal on tobacco and nicotine products called TPD. But banning flavouring just because it feels right in the stomach is not a viable option. It could even be counterproductive,” says Markus Lindblad, Head of Legal and External Affairs at Haypp Group.

Tobacco smoking kills eight million people every year – so preventing children from taking up smoking and getting adult smokers to quit are high on the agenda when the ministers meet on Friday.

This is one of the most important issues of our time,” Lindblad continues. “But decisions must be made on a scientific basis and not rushed through just to win easy political points. Banning the flavouring of snus would lead to more ex-smokers relapsing – which is counterproductive to the goal of reducing smoking in the EU.

Sweden is an excellent example of how snus and nicotine pouches can be used to reduce both the number of smokers and smoking-related mortality. We therefore need more smoke-free alternatives, not fewer,” Lindblad concludes.

You can make a difference

Write to your Health Minister today, highlight the good examples and urge your government not to make hasty emotional decisions but to rely on science and proven experience. Your voice can contribute to responsible tobacco regulation that saves lives and promotes public health.,

Together we can make a difference. Contact the Health Minister today!